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patio heater


Height up to 2.1M
Heating Power 1500W
Infrared Electric Heater
Infrared Heater using infrared waves to heat patio with infrared radiation. This outdoor heater very popular in Dubai and it can warm people outside directly. This patio heater is energy efficient and safe to use outdoor.



Electric Outdoor heaters

Outdoor heater

Height up to 2.2 M
Heating Power 2500 watt
Outdoor electrical Heater



pyramid patio heater

pyramid patio heater

Height up to 2 M
Heating Power 30000 BTU
Patio Gas Heater



outdoor gas heater


Height up to 2.3M
Heating Power 53000 BTU
Gas Patio Heater
this outdoor GAS flame heater designed to maximize efficiency providing outdoor heating for patio the reflector reflects all heat ray down.

this heater can cove up to 3 meters around !



mushroom patio heater

mushroom patio heater

Height up to 1.9 M
Heating Power 36000 BTU
Outdoor Gas Heater



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