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Have you ever been in an extremely stuffy warehouse working yourself out before? Or found yourself in the horrid heat of summer that can often make outdoor events uncomfortable and painful? we know that when the weather is humid and hot, having an outdoor air conditioner (outdoor AC) ,mist fan or air cooler can make being outdoors more enjoyable and allows you to avoid the physical discomfort. our company provides an effective supply of cooling and heating products like mist fans, portable evaporative air coolers, outdoor air conditioners, portable air conditioners,Industrial coolers, Outdoor A/C, misting systems and patio heaters just when you need them.


During Dubai hot weather and also for people who live in UAE, it’s no doubt that hot days and heat waves can stress our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. While most people find extremely hot weather and heat waves uncomfortable, some open spaces or semi-open outdoor areas. These include:

 Outdoor restaurants patio

 Outdoor sports

 outdoor events

 outdoor party

 workshops

 factory

 Industrial areas

 people who engage in outdoor work

 water parks

 people working outdoors, however,

Good For Health

when health experts give tips on how to stay healthy and hydrated during these chaotic moments, the tips is inclusive of the following; o Drinking plenty water o Keeping your body cool o Keeping your houses cool So majorly, keeping ‘cool’ is the answer. Heat can give heat rashes, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and also dehydration. None of these are worth the ache, stress, and pain during hot season when we bring solutions to you just within the corner at a whopping buying or renting option prices. Likewise, during the chilling cold weather, we get to understand too much of everything isn’t good. And when the excessive cold from winter and heavy snow falls in, we sure know the danger that lies within if not well managed. Excessive cold also like heat affect some special set of people the most. people suffering from arthritis people who engage in sports and vigorous physical activity under during snow fall. people who aren’t acclimatized to the snow or winter, for example overseas visitors people who have bone issues people with flu people living with immune deficiency diseases people placed on special medications socially isolated people people aged 50 years and above toddlers and young children aged 0-5 People living with long-term health conditions, for example, heart or respiratory disease, circulatory diseases. One best way one can also manage this season is by warming up the environment. Our company assures you of continuous constant quality services when it comes to bringing you the best of outdoor cooling and heating products like mist fans, portable evaporative air coolers, outdoor air conditioners, portable air conditioners, misting systems and patio heaters. You might have heard that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, and ‘all fingers are never equal’. Yes, we believe these and also believe pocket sizes are no reason for denial of good comfortable living standards. So we never restrict you to buying or renting our cooling products alone.

We also make you enjoy the same outdoor air cooler products at cheaper rates. How? By simply renting any of our variety air cooler mist fan or patio heater rather than buying them. this makes it easier to use at the ‘right time’ just when needed at a more subsidized cost. Welcome to our company. It can only get better as we bring you the royal services you sure deserve. sit back, relax while we treat and pamper you like a royalty that you are bringing you the best of mist fans, portable evaporative air coolers, outdoor air conditioners, portable air conditioners, misting systems and patio heaters as needed to make you happy, satisfied, in the right mood, shape and healthy conditions for the right occasion(s) and mood. Thank you to our clients and welcome to our new prospective clients. We’re always working hard to deliver the promise, pledge and words we have given to bring satisfaction to your comfort zones as well as affordability to your pockets now, tomorrow and always to keep that smile on your face forever!


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